Adept Audio AMP200

The Adept Audio Amp 200 Amplifier is a powerful and versatile audio amplifier that delivers high-quality sound performance. It features a robust and durable construction that is designed to withstand heavy use and abuse. This amplifier can deliver up to 200W of power, making it ideal for amplifying Home Theater systems, music systems, and other audio applications. It is capable of driving multiple speakers simultaneously and has a high signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring that you get clean and clear sound.

Product Details

The AMP200 amplifier has a sleek and modern design that blends well with any modern decor. With its advanced features, superior performance, and reliable build, the Adept Audio Amp 200 Amplifier guarantees an enhanced listening experience that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophile.

Frequency Response

32Hz – 200Hz


4 Ohm Normal or 8 Ohm Bridged


H 2 ⅛" x W 8 ½" x D 15 ⅜”

Included with



Limited 3 years

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