Adept Audio IWLCR56

The IWLCR56 turns a small den or bedroom into a state-of-the-art media room. It works as left, center, right and/or surround speakers in a home theater system, and also sounds awesome in stereo, whether you mount it horizontally or vertically.

Product Details

In-wall LCR speakers are a terrific option, especially in small rooms. You can get all the excitement of surround-sound home theater with no speakers cluttering up the floor, and with no change in the look of the room. The IWLCR56 is the smallest of our two in-wall LCRs, which makes it perfect for small to midsize rooms. You can use it in for all the channels in a home theater system, or for stereo, or in a system with our IWLCR66 in-wall LCR or any of our ceiling speakers. They’re voiced to blend perfectly, so mix and match all you want.

The IWLCR56 starts with one of our favorite woofer materials: IMG graphite. Graphite is ultra-stiff and light, so the woofers always work just like a woofer’s supposed to, pushing out powerful bass and super-clear mids. Our 1” pivoting aluminum tweeter has the power to keep up with the muscular woofers, and the clarity to make movie dialogue and sound effects sound as realistic and vivid as in a commercial cinema. Careful crossover tuning from our team of the world’s most experienced architectural speaker engineers assures consistent sound no matter if you mount the IWLCR56 vertically or horizontally.

You’ll love installing the IWLCR56, too. Tighten a few screws, point the pivoting tweeter at the primary listening seat, and pop on the magnetically attached grille. Even a complete home theater becomes a snap to install. And the results will amaze you … and your customers.


Dual 5" Injection-Molded Graphite


1” Pivoting Aluminum-Dome

Frequency Response


Power Handling

100 Watts

Cut-Out Diameter

H 6 ⅝" x W 14 ⅜"

Grille (outside) Diameter

H 7 ⅞" x W 15 ⅝"

Mounting Depth

3 ⅜"


Limited Lifetime

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