Adept Audio ICLCR66

With the ICLCR66, an entire state-of-the-art home theater sound system can hide in the ceiling where no one will notice it—until, of course, it starts playing! It’s the most practical way to get top-notch surround sound in small to midsized rooms.

Product Details

The ICLCR66 answers every objection to home theater. Its high-tech drivers deliver sound that pleases audiophiles yet gets loud enough for the most intense action movies. Its stealthy, compact in-ceiling design brings home theater even to small rooms—and to luxury living rooms where no one wants to see a speaker. Mount three ICLCR66s in the ceiling above your screen for left, center and right channels, and add a few more (or any of our other ceiling speakers) to the sides and rear of the room for surround channels. The speaker’s angled so you can point it wherever you want the sound to go—and you can pivot the tweeter for even better aim.

Our team of the world’s most experienced architectural engineers wanted to ensure the ICLCR66 makes your Netflix and Disney+ streams sound as great as they possibly can, so they started with our best 6 ½” woofer, made with an IMG graphite cone. The stiffness of the graphite makes it ideal for big bass hits, while the lightness of the graphite gives it the agility to reproduce movie dialogue and sound effects with stunning accuracy. Add our powerful 1” aluminum dome tweeter and you get some of the clearest sound ever heard from a ceiling speaker.

All this quality costs you not one extra second in installation time because the ICLCR66 uses the same In the Ring toolless mounting system found in all of our ceiling speakers. All you need to do is lift the ring into the hole, point it at the primary listening position, and use your fingers to squeeze the four mounting clamps into place. Twist the speaker into the ring, pop on our magnetically attached grille and you’re done—no screwdriver needed!


6 ½” Injection-Molded Graphite


1” Pivoting Aluminum-Dome

Frequency Response


Power Handling

125 Watts

Cut-Out Diameter

8 ¾"

Grille (outside) Diameter


Mounting Depth

4 ⅞"


Limited Lifetime

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