Internet Sales Policy

Internet sales of Adept Audio is strictly forbidden. We do not support end-users who buy Adept product from
internet sellers. And, the Adept warranty is voided if our products are purchased from an internet seller.

No Internet Sales

  • Adept Does Not Sell Internet Sellers. Nor do we sell retail outlets or mail order merchants so don’t be misled.
  • Adept Is Legitimately Available Only from Professional Installing Dealers. For homes or buildings, Adept is available only
  • through professional installing dealers.

  • No Warranty Through Internet Sellers. Our warranty is in force only when purchased from professional installing dealers.
    End-User Support
  • Adept Provides Technical Support. Only to End-Users who buy Adept from professional Installing Dealers.
  • Installing Dealer Support Only. Adept does not provide any product or support to any type of internet sellers.

Why is This?

Adept Audio has a very substantial financial investment in our brand and we need to protect that investment. There are always
deceitful and dishonest internet sellers who use credible brands to make themselves appear to be legitimate. They have no investment in brands they offer and do not care what damage they do. Unfortunately, it is for this reason that we totally steer clear
of all internet resellers.

Adept Internet Brand Protection

We have what may be the best internet protection of any brand in the installation business. Using an algorithm to find unauthorized
internet sellers, we turn them over to one of the most experienced Internet Brand Protection attorneys in the country.

Be sure to watch for these unethical or unlawful practices:

  • Illegitimate Internet Sellers: Use a lot of unscrupulous business practices.
  • Fraudulent Sales Practices: Known as skimming, some use listings to get your credit card information.
  • Slow to Ship: That’s because have trouble getting goods that have to be illegally diverted to them.
  • Bait and Switch: Claiming items are discontinued when they are not.
  • Pop Up Offers: Their offers may be here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Serial Number Removal: They will do this to hide their source of illegally obtained goods.
  • Dispute Resolution: Is this really what you want to risk?
  • No Address, No Names: They do not readily provide contact information so they can avoid being revealed.
  • Change their website ISP: Move website frequently to hide from the law and keep their offers from being taking down.
  • Domain by Proxy: Hide ownership on their website registration to keep from being chased down.
  • Of the Better Business Bureau: If they are not rated, does that tell you anything?

If you know of any internet sellers making offers for Adept, please contact us at

Adept Audio is a Portfolio Brand of Origin Acoustics, LLC.

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