Adept Audio ADS8

8″ Digital Dual Drive Subwoofer

The ultra-compact, surprisingly powerful ADS8 subwoofer makes it easy to add a little more bass (or even better, a lot more bass!) to any system. Hide it under a table, behind a couch or in a corner for sweet, strong, stealthy bottom end.

Product Details

Even the world’s best-known audio scientists agree: People love bass. When it’s missing, music and movies lose their impact—but when a great subwoofer gets the bass popping, the house gets rocking! Of course, there are places where a big subwoofer won’t work—and that’s why we created the ADS8. add Adept’s subwoofers can handle all the bass you need to throw at them.

Even though it’s small enough to fit under most end tables, the ADS8 pounds out truly couch-shaking bottom end. A rugged, forward-firing, 8” woofer provides the kick, while a down-firing, 8” passive radiator provides the shake. Our engineering team tuned the ADS8’s 180-watt digital amplifier specifically to get the best out of the ADS8’s dual drivers.

With a complete set of crossover and level controls, the ADS8 blends easily with all home theater and stereo systems, whether they’re freestanding, in-wall or in the ceiling. One ADS8 will get your couch shaking. Two might stir your soul!

Frequency Response

32Hz – 200Hz

Power Handling

180 Watts RMS


8" Treated Paper

Passive Radiator

8” Treated Paper


W 11 ¾" x H 12 ⅝" x D 13 ⅝"


Limited 3 years

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