Adept Audio IC82

The IC82 is the perfect way to get powerful sound when the budget’s tight. Our 8” woofer digs deep enough to crank out the most intense hip-hop and rock playlists, without giving you a clue where the sound’s coming from.

Product Details

From what we’ve seen, the IC82 is the most powerful ceiling speaker you can get for its amazingly affordable price. Our team of the world’s most experienced architectural speaker engineers really got this one slamming, with bass that’s powerful enough for any kind of music—and we’re talking tight, tuneful bass that even the pickiest audio enthusiast will like.

That muscular deep bass comes from our rugged 8” polypropylene-cone woofer, which is engineered to move a lot of air—and produce incredible amounts of bass for its size. Our carefully tuned crossover perfectly blends the woofer with our sweet-sounding, pivoting 1" silk-dome tweeter, so you get midrange finesse and outstanding treble clarity along with all that awesome power. Our engineers took special care when tuning the IC82 to make sure it’ll sound great everywhere in the room, no matter where you install it and no matter where you stand or sit.

Despite its powerful bass, the IC82 pops in just as easily as our 6 ½” speakers do, thanks to our Tool-Less Trim-Ring mounting system. You can mount a speaker in seconds with nothing but your fingers! Just put the ring into the hole, squeeze down on the four mounts with your fingers, and twist the speaker into the ring. No tools needed—not even a screwdriver.


8” Polypropylene


1” Pivoting Silk-Dome

Frequency Response


Power Handling

150 Watts


Limited Lifetime

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