Adept Audio IWLCR66

The IWLCR66 is the speaker you want when the goal is to create a truly amazing sound system. It works in any channel of a home theater system—left, center, right and surround—or in a stereo system. Mount it horizontally or vertically.

Product Details

Our team of the world’s most experienced architectural speaker engineers considers the IWLCR66 one of their crowning achievements. Simply put, this is an awesome speaker, whether it’s serving as the cornerstone of a state-of-the-art home theater system, used in an in-wall stereo system, or spreading the joy of ultra-realistic music reproduction to every room in the home. It works in any channel of a home theater system, whether you mount it vertically or horizontally, and you can mix and match it with our smaller IWLCR56 in-wall LCR or any of our ceiling speakers.

The foundation of the IWLCR66 is our truly outstanding 6 ½” IMG graphite cone woofer. We love the sound of graphite because it’s stiff enough to deliver powerful deep bass, yet agile enough to capture all the subtleties of movie dialogue and sound effects. Our 1” pivoting aluminum tweeter is built to keep up with the dual 6 ½” woofers, yet fast enough to reproduce the slightest whisper of a flute. The two 6 ½” woofers together have more radiating surface than a 9” woofer, so consider a subwoofer optional (although still recommended if you want the couch to shake).

You might be surprised to find that a speaker this capable is so easy to install. Just place it in the hole, tighten a few screws and pop on the magnetically attached grille. In no time at all, you’ll have a high-powered speaker system that’ll completely blow you away—but that you’ll never notice when it’s not playing.


Dual 6 ½” Injection-Molded Graphite


1” Pivoting Aluminum-Dome

Frequency Response


Power Handling

125 Watts


Limited Lifetime

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