Adept At Movies.

Our engineers designed some of the first speakers ever used for home theater—so whether you’re streaming from Netflix or Disney+ or just watching TV, you know you’re in for an incredible home entertainment experience!

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Power, Muscle, Clarity.

Our engineering team has been building home theater speakers since the beginning, so they know all the secrets of getting incredibly powerful impacts, enveloping surround effects and crystal-clear dialogue even when the system’s built into the walls or ceiling! We design our speakers from scratch to deliver the best possible sound for their application—and not just in one part of the room, but in every part of the room. And they’re all easy to install, thanks in part to the toolless “Trim-Ring” mounting system in our ceiling speakers. Whether it’s our ceiling LCR speakers, our in-wall LCRs, or our subwoofers, Adept Audio speakers have the look and the sound you need to create your sleekest and strongest home theaters and media rooms yet!


Our Story & Mission

We started Adept Audio because we knew it was possible to build high-performance architectural speakers at modest prices so installers could use them on every job. But to do that, you need the world’s most experienced engineers—and we’ve got engineers who’ve been designing architectural loudspeakers since the 1970s! Give our speakers a spin with your favorite streaming service, and you’ll hear how much clearer and more powerful they are than any wireless or compact system you can find.


Thanks to our engineering team, our ceiling and in-wall speakers not only sound great, they’re also so easy to install you can pop them in in seconds—and expect them to last through year after year of daily use. With reliable engineering and awesome sound at affordable prices, Adept Audio is the perfect speaker line for any professional installer.


With voicing by engineers with 30+ years experience, combined with the latest materials and science, Adept Audio speakers are a huge step up from wireless systems. Your streaming service never sounded better!



Decades of audio design and manufacturing taught us what it takes to build architectural speakers that sound great and backed by a Lifetime Warranty—so your clients are happy every time they play them.


Our Trim-Ring mounting system lets you install ceiling speakers in seconds—no screwdriver is ever needed! Just pop in the ring, pull the mounting brackets down and twist the speaker into place.





Even when there’s not much space, Adept Audio speakers deliver all the power and emotion of blockbuster cinema


Stealthy home theater sound systems provide floor-shaking power with unbeatable clarity and detail—without impacting decor


Presentations are more powerful with awesome sound to match the visuals—and Adept Audio keeps everything looking slick

hidden speakers for music

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